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This site basically offers a mix of fact, educated speculation, and fictional and semi-fictional entertainment for visitors, with the speculative/fictional elements clearly marked for your convenience.

A wealth of third party references is provided for most of the factual and educated speculation portions of the site.

Much of the site consists of ongoing research projects into the possibilities of past and future history, alien civilizations, the nature of luck, wealth, politics, and more.

Still other parts of the site offer up logs of the primary site author's experiences with various computer and internet hardware and software over the years, and guides and how-to's relating to many do-it-yourself endeavors such as making money with a web site, protecting you and yours from modern day hazards like biochemical weapons and greater dangers, living well on little money, and more.

Beyond that the author offers up somewhat* autobiographical stories about his real life youth as a supercar builder and driver, and his efforts regarding various aircraft designs.

Finally, visitors may also check out a science fiction epic incorporating technologies and concepts stemming from the future history research described elsewhere.

As of late 2012, the site consists primarily of three different domains: jrmooneyham.com, jmooneyham.com, and rise-and-fall-of-alien-civilizations-in-our-own-galaxy.com.

jrmooneyham.com lists the current books available from J.R., as well as the research results into a timeline spanning both the past, and one of humanity's possible futures.

rise-and-fall-of-alien-civilizations-in-our-own-galaxy.com offers a comprehensive examination of the possibilities of non-human technological societies in our galaxy.

jmooneyham.com contains most everything else on-site, including different research projects dealing with luck, wealth, and politics, plus usage logs for various products and services, how-to guides, and the fiction and semi-fiction of the author, including his science fiction work and tales of his supercar days.

* The "somewhat" qualifier denotes that details like names, dates, and more have often been changed in the accounts for reasons of privacy and others.

Copyright © 2005-2012 by J.R. Mooneyham. All rights reserved.